last update 21. September 2021

How to count your Hard Rock visits?


Once upon a time it was all clear and common sense: ONE Location, a Cafe or a Hotel, is ONE visit.

But then came Hard Rock Rewards, the official loyalty program since about 2010, and screwed it totally up.
I explain you here all the errors in the way of counting by Hard Rock Corp. ignoring logic, math and advice.


Several older, mostly closed before 2001 locations, and two new locations aren't included in the system and therefore don't count:
old Bali, old Houston #1, old Hong Kong #1, old Jakarta #1, old Kowloon #1, old Orlando, old Osaka #1, old Phoenix #1, old San Francisco,
Taichung, old Taipei #1 as well as London Casino and Manchester Casino.

Surprisingly, the 11/2018 relocated and new Hollywood,FL cafe doesn't count as a new visit neither.
The HRC Punta Cana Blue Mall cafe (08/17-03/20) visit credit doesn't exist anymore, since 05/21 its name has been changed to
the new Punta Cana Downtown location (02/21-today)
. This means 2 different locations, but only 1 visit credit for all who've been to both locations.
By doing this the Hard Rock brand in a very ignorant way cheats itself.
Some cafes count twice, but it's the same location:
they only had a change of ownership (Nassau, Cayman Island, Panama, Cancun)
or a name change (Kanata to Corel Center)
or an system change of currency (Yangon).
This is such a stupid perversion of counting visits. It's exactly the same place, no reason at all for a second swipe!

1 location = 2 visits ?
At some hotels, but not all, you get 2 visits credited: one for your stay and another one for the rock shop,
while at others you get only one visit.
To top that, at the Punta Cana Hotel & Casino you've got (for about two years around 2011) even a 3rd visit for the Casino rock shop,
a few steps away from the Hotel rock shop, selling almost the same range of identical products. 
Logic and mathematics are totally left out !!!  Well done ...
Some rock shops/outlets count/counted as well as a regular visit but others don't:
 These shops count/counted:
Andorra, Athens Plaka, Athens port of Piraeus #2, Berlin Checkpoint Charlie, Budva, Kotor, Mallorca city, Malaga city,
Riviera Maya golf rock shop, Sacramento city, Valencia city, Vientiane,
airport shops at AGP, BUD, HAM, IBZ, MUC, PMI #1 & #2, PUJ #1 & #2, EZE, AEP (old & new location count as the same visit. WTF !),
Lyon airport (became an official visit only AFTER it closed. WTF !).

These shops at first didn't count, then turned into hidden visits and now are official:
Rome Vatican rock shop, Venice Rialto rock shop, Seville tourist office outlet
These shops are/were hidden visits:
Penang retail, Shenzhen Hotel rock shop, Tokyo Roppongi retail, Valencia train station
These shops don't/didn't count:
Athens port of Piraeus #1, Bucharest Baneasa mall outlet, Dubai Port Rachid outlet, Miami Gardens stadium, Paris Disneyland outlet,
Phnom Penh airport rock shop, Phuket Central outlet, Punta Cana golf rock shop,
Reykjavik airport outlet, Rio de Janeiro Corcovado train station rock shop, Rio de Janeiro Rio Sul Mall outlet,
Riviera Maya Hotel Heaven rock shop, St. Petersburg airport outlet, St. Petersburg city outlet

All these shops offer mostly identical merchandise as in the cafe. They can't be compared to a real location, a cafe or a hotel
and IMHO shouldn't be given a visit credit unless they go by a different name and offer a range of different merchandise products.

Only Berlin Checkpoint Charlie, Cordoba, Hong Kong The Peak, Miami Gardens stadium, Mykonos, Punta Cana golf rock shop,
Riviera Maya golf rock shop, Siem Reap airport rock shop, Tokyo NRT airport rock shop and Tokyo Asakusa rock shop qualify for this.

Anything else?
Yes, of all the existing/former Hard Rock Live locations only Orlando counts as a visit.
Why? Is it any better than the other locations? It's not! IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE !!!

The Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens doesn't count neither. It's the biggest HR branded event venue and a limited selection of merchandise exists.
So that's why I include it in my personal count.

Your online order gets you the Hard Rock Direct visit. LOL

Hard Rock Hotel bad practice:
Some Hotels only give/gave a visit credited if booking at a 'qualifying rate'.
Now that's really annoying. When I'm there, I'm there, no matter how much I paid for the room.

If 2 persons share a room, only the name on file, the one who paid for it, gets the visit credit, the other person doesn't get it,
even though staying at the hotel, probably sharing the payment. Sometimes 'Customer Care' resolves this problem.

Feeling confused after reading all this? Yes, who would not be confused. Even long time collectors are.
Many of them gave up to count ONE location ONE visit and sillily follow the inexistant logic of the Rewards program.
Problem is, Corp. never showed the least interest in making any correction or adaption. It's just getting worse.
IMHO Rewards, besides from not offering any real rewards, is an absolute farce, due to all that's mentioned above.

Regardless of all that, I still love the hobby of course!
I'm a traveller, aiming at more than just visiting a restaurant and buying a souvenir, meeting friends,
visiting new cities/countries and adding value to a destination is a great thing!