updated 7. September 2007


I am the author of the travel photographs present on this web site. With a few exceptions, all the JPGs are mine and here's what you can do with them:

You can use my pictures for personal purpose.  You must ask me (and wait for my answer !) before changing them in any  way (that includes photoshopping, changing contrast / brightness, changing file format...).

You can freely reproduce some for educational purpose (don't forget to quote my name properly). 'some' meaning no more than 8 per site.

You can also use some on your non commercial web sites, just put a link to my site; 'some' meaning no more than 8 per use (school's webpage, school presentation, university thesis...).

As for my anthropological essays, please let me know if you'd like to use any of it (standard copyright rules apply here too).


I barely tolerate remote display of some images inside weblogs (ask for permission first, and put a link to my site).

You may not include photographs on distributed CDs or software (even free CDs or freeware) without my consent.

You may not mirror my site as a whole or my individual pages without my consent.


For any commercial use, please read this: I do license my images to corporate entities  (logo, advertisement, magazines, postcards...).

Contact me with the name of the file, the type and duration of use and some company information.  Payment is through PayPal directly to me.